BUG DROP: Red Bugs go with red bugs. Blue bugs go with blue bugs. Stink bugs go with anything. They all go with ketchup. JUNGLE PINBALL: You know you're in trouble when a warthog critizues your form. SLIGNSHOOTER: Stretch some vine. Grab a handful of berries. Twaang. Ahrrgh! splat! That's life in the jungle. BURPER; Your odoriferous task? Burp bugs into oblivion. HIPPO HOP: Is it a river of carnivores or a river of hyena slabber. Your challenge is to not find out. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: - Multiple game levels challenge players of all ages. - Hundreds of wacky sound effects. - Thousands of original animation cells. - Countless extra bonus rounds. - Wisecracks and commentary from the masters of droll and drool themselves. - Play alone or with a friend - for 10 minutes or 10 hours. - Special jungle panic screen means you won't get caught.

-5 Slimy yet Satisfying Games: Bug Drop
-Jumble Pinball
-Hippo Hop

[System Requirements]
-Windows 3.1/95/98/XP
-486 33 MHz
-70 MB free disk space for full installation
-256 color video card
-8-bit sound card