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How can an information security professional keep up with all of the hacks, attacks, and exploits? One way to find out what the worst of the worst are is to read the seven books in our Seven Deadliest Attacks Series. Not only do we let you in on the anatomy of these attacks but we also tell you how to get rid of them and how to defend against them in the future. Countermeasures are detailed so that you can fight against similar attacks as they evolve.

Attacks featured in this book include:

* Bluetooth Attacks

* Credit Card, Access Card, and Passport Attacks

* Bad Encryption

* Knowledge is power, find out about the most dominant attacks currently waging war on computers and networks globally

* Discover the best ways to defend against these vicious attacks; step-by-step instruction shows you how

* Institute countermeasures, don't be caught defenseless again, learn techniques to make your computer and network impenetrable




Chapter 1: 802.11 Wireless-Infrastructure Attacks

Chapter 2: 802.11 Wireless-Client Attacks

Chapter 3: Bluetooth Attacks

Chapter 4: Credit Card, Access Card, and Passport Attacks

Chapter 5: Analog Wireless Devices

Chapter 6: Bad Encryption

Chapter 7: Cell Phones / Smart Phones

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