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SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training

Bill Weinman

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Mac and Windows

In SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training, Bill Weinman addresses all of SQLite’s major features in the context of the PHP environment. This course covers the fundamentals of SQLite, including a thorough overview of its unique data type system, expressions, functions, transactions, views, and event triggers. A functional CRUD application and web site testimonial engine are demonstrated, and a quick-start guide is included to get experienced developers up and running fast. Exercise files are included in the course.
Topics include:

* Creating a database
* Setting permissions for a database
* Storing data with SQLite data types
* Using SQL statements like SELECT and UPDATE
* Understanding expressions in SQLite
* Matching patterns and values
* Working with core functions
* Counting, finding, and grouping with aggregates
* Formatting dates and times
* Sorting and indexing
* Reusing queries with subselects and views
* Automating queries with triggers