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Course name:
Dreamweaver CS5 and WordPress 3.0

Joseph Lowery

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Software works on:
Mac and Windows

In Dreamweaver CS5 and WordPress 3.0, author Joseph Lowery shows how to create web sites using WordPress and Dreamweaver together. This course demonstrates workflow best practices and techniques, including installation and set up, how to create content, work with WordPress themes, customize CSS, and add widgets. It also covers how to extend WordPress pages, add Spry elements, add and customize plug-ins, integrate WordPress-stored data in Dreamweaver dynamic pages, and how to administer and publish a WordPress site. Exercise files are included with the course.
Topics include:

* Installing MAMP on Macintosh and WAMP on Windows
* Using the Dynamically-Related Files feature in Dreamweaver to track WordPress pages
* Applying WordPress themes
* Customizing themes
* Adding Spry widgets
* Integrating a web gallery into an existing site
* Adding WordPress dynamic data
* Populating the WordPress database
* Publishing a WordPress site