Cisco Networking Academy Program Collection | 4.2GB
The Cisco Networking Academy Program online curriculum was developed by the Cisco Systems Worldwide Education curriculum development team. The developers and authors of the Cisco Networking Academy Program books have extensive teaching backgrounds and are experts in the online learning environment.
CNAP is an e-learning model which delivers web-based educational content and combines lectures with hands-on practice. Books are not necessary. The curriculum is delivered to you in class to your PC. You will work on actual network systems practicing what you have been taught.
The curriculum covers both basic elements of networking, such as wiring, and more complex areas, such as routing, switching, troubleshooting, WAN technologies and security.
The language used in reading material and exams is English. In the classroom, our instructors are Greek and have been certified by Cisco Academy Training Centers. They will answer any questions you and your fellow students have and will conduct all laboratory (hands-on practice) exercises.
The equipment used for student practice may have been developed by Cisco Systems, but the program is structured in such a way that you will learn to use any network equipment.
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