Disney's Tarzan Action Game.Jungle Fever Is Spreading!! High Resolution 3-D graphics. For the first time ever, a Disney 2-D animated character has been transformed into 3-D for CD-ROM! Live The Legend Control multiple characters from the movie -- young Tarzan�, adult Tarzan, Jane, Terk, and Tantor. Rumble In The Jungle Challenge Sabor the leopard and Clayton the hunter in intense battles of strength, agility, and cunning. Danger On The Dark Continent Explore exotic jungle locations from the film filled with surprises, secret areas, and edge-of-your-seat perils -- rhinos, snakes, alligators, and an elephant stampede. Hold On To Your Loincloth. With more than a dozen cool moves, Tarzan� can run, jump, climb, swim, fight with a spear, hop a ride on a stork, romp through the jungle on an elephant's back, swing on vines, and tree-surf. Sounds Of The Jungle Wondrous jungle sounds create the atmosphere of adventure as you explore the jungle accompanied by music inspired by the film.

[System Requirements]
-Windows 95 or later .
-Pentium"-class processor 166MHz (200MHz or faster recommended)
-24MB RAM (32MB recommended)
-30MB Hard Drive space
-Quad-speed . 4X CD-ROM drive or faster
-DirectX-compatible 2MB video card (3-D card with 4MB recommended)
-DirectSound-compatible sound card
-Windows-compatible mouse
-Standard AT-101 keyboard
-Supports Windows-compatible joysticks
-Supports DirectX
-Open GL and Glide compatible 3-D cards