Kaspersky 2010 - Final

Anti-Virus & Internet Security

من أقوى برامج مكافحة الفايروسات , حائز على جوائز عدة من عدة مجلات و مراكز ابحاث , اصبح الان مع ميزات عديدة منها الحمايه ضد ملفات التجسس و حمايتك اثناء تصفح المواقع . بالاضاقة للفايروول

وبالطبع البرنامج غنى عن التعريف

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 – the backbone of your PC’s security system, offering protection from a range of IT threats. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 provides the basic tools needed to protect your PC.
Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 – the all-in-one security solution that offers a worry-free computing environment for you and your family. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience.

Kaspersky Internet Security 9.0 – is a new line of Kaspersky Labs products, which is designed for the multi-tiered protection of personal computers. This product is based on in-house protection components, which are based on variety of technologies for maximum levels of user protection regardless of technical competencies. This product utilizes several technologies, which were jointly developed by Kaspersky Labs and other companies; part of them is implemented via online-services.
Our products for home and home office are specifically designed to provide hassle-free and quality protection against viruses, worms and other malicious programs, as well as hacker attacks, spam and spyware.

Size: 62.4 MB

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2009 June 19

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010

اختار سيرفرك المفضل




Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

اختار سيرفرك المفضل