Trainsignal Exchange Server 2007 Training | 657 MB

Exchange Server 2007 has made a significant impact on the messaging world. With newly redesigned architecture, a more robust email application, tighter security, and more options for users AND administrators... Exchange 2007's overhauled environment presents many new challenges.

So many in fact, Train Signal has responded with a new training course that breaks down the complexities of Exchange Server 2007 in plain language. You know you MUST learn Exchange Server 2007... why not choose the same proven training program being praised by IT professionals worldwide?

Featuring over 21 hours of original, premium training, you'll dive deep into the topics most professional Exchange and system admins are buzzing about:

- Understand the larger architecture changes, including how 64-bit servers change the playing field and shift resource needs for Exchange 2007.
- Learn how to deal with certificates in Exchange 2007
- Discover how to troubleshoot failures with Client Access technologies like Outlook Anywhere and Exchange ActiveSync
- Lock down your network security with Edge Transport Server
- Crash course in PowerShell for non-scripters
- Tackle initial setup issues regarding inbound and outbound mailflow
- The ONLY Exchange Server 2007 course on the market covering integration with Sharepoint document libraries!
- Learn about (and avoid!) the common misconfigurations and costly mistakes made by most admins (beginning AND pro)...
- And much more.... Scroll down to see our full course outline...

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