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Human anatomy in amazing 3D graphics.
Nowadays, kids (and adults of course) have high tech 3D computer models such as BoneLab which help bring the body to life and help you memorise more easily parts of the body like the tibia, fibia and... erm... brain. BoneLab allows you to browse all bones in three dimensions. The models are all high quality and support free rotation and zoom so you view them at just about any angle.

It should be noted that BoneLab is not really suitable for kids because it's quite a technical application full of detailed and complex descriptions of the human body. For medical professionals and students it's a dream however as BoneLab features links to Wikipedia for complex anatomical terms.

There's little to criticise in BoneLab as it does an excellent job of making learning about the human body that bit more fun. Perhaps some videos would have been nice though.