Fallout 3 (ENG/RUS) 2008 PC | Size : 7.92 GB

Refuge 101 – a pearl of Heathlands. The whole 200 years the Refuge 101 truly served the survived inhabitants of a city of Washington and the former district of Columbia nowadays known as the Capital heathland. Though world nuclear war of 2077 has left the USA practically in ruins, inhabitants of the Refuge 101 enjoy a life, free from continuous stress of an external world. Huge insects, robbers, работорговцы - and even supermutants! - not in forces to cope with magnificent technological achievements Vault-Tec. But one not in so fine morning you wake up and find out that your father not clearly why has rejected authority of the Inspector, comfort and safety of the Refuge 101 and has left goodness knows where. And then you leave the house, leave the Refuge under the ruthless sun of Heathlands and go to search for the father... And the truth.

Engineers Vault-Tec worked nonstop that you could enjoy an interactive kind of a life on Heathlands, without leaving comfort of a refuge. It is the extensive world, unique fighting system, the realistic image, tons of possibilities of a choice for the player, inimitable надор is more tremendous dynamical characters. Each minute is a desperate fight on a survival against horrors of an external world: radiation, the supermutants, hostile generations of a mutation. From Vault-Tec - the developer of postnuclear simulators № 1 in America!

The basic features:
• Unlimited freedom! – Enjoy kinds and sounds of an extensive Capital heathland! The eyes look at the great monuments of the United States trampled in a postapocalyptic dust! Your choice will define not only your destiny, but also destiny of the world. Also do not forget to glance at radio metre!
• role system S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! – Engineers Vault-Tec have realised advanced achievements in the field of modelling of human abilities – role system SPECIAL! Using new workings out of points of abilities, SPECIAL allows to realise an unlimited individualization of your character. Also the big set of qualities and skills with a magnificent choice of effects is provided!
• fantastic chamber! – magicians from Vault-Tec have again made the impossible! You more are not held down by the unique kind, and can look at the world both from the first, and from the third party. Adjust the eyes one pressing of the button!
• power of a choice! – Whom you need to be today - the inveterate criminal or the kind Samaritan? Choose the party or store a neutrality as it is pleasant to you. Each situation can be resolved set of ways. Your choice as you will solve the problems: simply kind word or a kind word and a plasma rifle.
• System V.A.T.S.! – System of prompting V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) for yours Pip-Boy models 3000 will help to raise your chances in fight! V.A.T.S. Allows to stop time in fight, to aim in certain parts of a body of the opponent, to form turn of attacks - and simply gives you chance effectively to let out the aggression. Bring down on enemies a downpour of death and destruction by means of Vault-Tec!
• Unsurpassed artificial intellect! – company Vault-Tec well understands that a key to revival of a civilisation after world nuclear war are people. Our best minds have united efforts to give you the newest version Radiant AI, a simulator of interpersonal interaction №1 in America. The mimicry, gestures, the unique dialogues, natural behaviour - all this, united with other novelties from Vault-Tec, yields improbable results.
• dazzling beauty! * – earlier the severe reality постъядерного the world has been never presented with such quality and the picture permission. From a fruitless Heathland to full dangers of office buildings and underground tunnels, to a disgusting rotten flesh on the person of a mutant.

Name: Fallout 3
Genres: RPG / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person
Interface Language: English
Year of release: 2008
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Size of a file: 7.92 Gb

About a file:
Edition Type: License (Retail)
Activation a code: No Region Free (PAL/NTSC-U)
Release group: Seed4ME
File Format: .iso
Platform: PC

1. Instal the last version of driver Antistarforsa (3.02).
2. Mount an image with correct topology in DT Lite 4.30.1
3. Play since an image.

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