: Complete TUTplus Tutorials Collection

12-09-2010, 04:44 PM
Complete TUTplus Tutorials Collection ( PC & MAC)


Power up your skill set.From graphics to web development, audio to video and more, get the skills you want from our family of tutorial and resource sites.

List :

- Complete Net TUTplus till August 14, 2010
- Complete Active TUTplus till August 14, 2010
- Complete Audio TUTplus till August 14, 2010
- Complete After Effects TUTplus till August 14, 2010

Active TUT++ :

Build a Categorized Image Gallery With XML and AS3.zip
Build a Chatroom with Flash, Adobe AIR and PHP.zip
Build a Sci-Fi Game Intro Using Assets From deviantART.zip
Build an Adobe AIR Stopwatch Application.zip
Build an Online Photobooth and Stunning 3d Photowall.zip
Build an OOP Based Turntable With ActionScript 3.zip
Create an Awesome Hangman Game in Flash Using AS3.zip
Create an Image Cropping Application in Flash with ActionScript 3.zip
Create Realistic Noise, Clouds and Wave Effects.zip
Creating 3D Intros with Papervision3D.zip
Personal Portfolio Flash Template.zip
Test Your Observation Skills With an AS3 Difference Game.zip

After Effects TUT++ :

Achieve a Microfilm Machine Look
Advanced 2D Cartoon Lip Sync Animation
After Effects vs. Nuke
All Access Pass To Club Tuts
Composite A Super Stellar Jet Chase Shot
Create An Astonishing Butterfly Animation
Create Your Own Green Earth Day Animation
Enhance Your Images With HolOS Day 1
Enhance Your Images With HolOS Day 2
Get Caught Up In A Spider Web Tutorial
Lloyd Alvarez Teaches Particle Ballet Part 1
Lloyd Alvarez Teaches Particle Ballet Part 2
Quick Tip Getting The Best Out of Twixtor
Simulate a Realistic Sniper Scope Perspective
The 12 Basic Principles of Animation Day 1
The 12 Basic Principles of Animation Day 2
Use Music To Create An Particle Splash

Audio TUT++ :

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Modulation Effects
5 Great Vocal Effect Tips
An Awesome Guide to Guitar Mixing
An Introduction to Creating Beats
An Introduction to Film Scoring
An Introduction to Modes
Birthday Bonus Build an Effective Room Treatment on the Cheap
Cheap Yet Effective Room Treatment
Create A Live Performance Rig In Logic Pro Part 2
Developing Motives (or How To Write A Symphony With Only Four Notes)
Effects The Subtle Side Of Mixing
Equalization Tricks That Everyone Should Know
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Live Sound
Getting The Best Out Of A Vocalist
Groove Templates and Quantizing in Logic Pro
Guitar Tones From the 1950s to the Millennium
How to Become a Better Musician in 2010
How to Create a Live Performance Rig in Logic Pro Part 1
How to Create a Live Performance Rig in Logic Pro Part 3
How to Create More Expressive MIDI Music
How to Create the Elements of a Drum n Bass Track
How to Make Your Tracks More Interesting
How to Set Up Your Workstation Template
How to Use Loops for Soundtrack Pre-production
How to Use Space Designer in Logic
How to Write an Instrumental Underscore Track
In-Depth with Reason 4s Matrix Pattern Sequencer
In-Depth with Reasons Rack
In-Depth with Reasons Sequencer Pt 1
In-Depth with Reasons Sequencer Pt 2
Making the Beat Rock Drums
Making the Most of Match EQ
Mastering You Can Do It Yourself (Part Two)
Mastering You Can Do It Yourself (With a Little Caution)
MIDI Editing in Pro Tools
Mixing for the 80s
Programming Live Drums
Recording the Drums Part 4
Recording the Drums Part 5 Its All In the Mix
Recording The Drums The Songs Heartbeat
Recording The Drums The Songs Heartbeat Part 2
Recording The Drums The Songs Heartbeat Part 3
The Art of Improvisation
The Art Of Music Production Part 1
The Contemporary Musicians Guide to Counterpoint
The Mixing Magician Adding Subtleties Without the Audience Noticing
The Recording Artists Workflow From Writing to Mastering
The Secret Of Recording Great Sounds
The Ultimate Guide to Stereo Microphone Techniques
Things You Dont Think About During Mixing (But Should)
Understanding Your Mixer The Channel Strip
Vocal Recording Techniques
Whats New in Logic Pro 9 (and How to Use It)
Why Playing In The Studio Is Different From Playing Live
Working With the Intangibles of a Mix

Net TUT++ :

3 Fantastically Designed PSD Templates
A Crash-Course in Joomla Template Customization
A Deeper Look at Advanced Select Queries
A Fast Overview of Querious (MySQL Manager) Video Download
A Video Crash-Course in Modernizr
A Video Crash-Course in Raphael
All About the Static Keyword
An API for the Web Learning YQL Screencast Version
An In-Depth Overview of File Operations in PHP
An Overview of the Awesome LESS.js Video Download
ASP.NET from Scratch Master Pages
Asynchronous Search With PHP and jQuery
Asynchronous Search with PHP and jQuery, Part 2
Birthday Bonus Easy Pagination with CodeIgniter and jQuery
Build a Beautiful Carousel with javascript from Scratch
Build a Custom CMS Using PHP and MySQLi
Build a Newsletter System With PHP and MySQL
Build a Shopping Cart With PHP and MySQL
Build an Advanced Poll jQuery Plugin
Build an Awesome Status Board
Build an RSS Feed Reader with jQuery and jGFeed
Build Kick-Ass Practical CSS3 Buttons
Building a Custom Search By Category Wordpress Plugin
Building the Socialize jQuery Plugin
Code Your Own Online Paintshop App
CodeIgniter from Scratch Video Download
Coding a Complex Design into CSS and XHTML
Combining Modern CSS3 and HTML5 Techniques
Configuring Zend Framework to work with a Local Development Environment
Create a Beautiful Website From Scratch
Create a Contact Manager
Create a Jobs Board with CodeIgniter
Create a Slideshow with SlideShowPro and Expression Engine
Create an s3slider-like jQuery Plugin
Creating a Beautiful Website from a PSD
Creating an Incredible jQuery Calculator
CRUD With Prepared Statements
CSS Fundamentals CSS3 Transitions
CSS Noob to Ninja The Complete Video Series
CSS The Very First Steps
Design a Prettier Web Form with CSS 3
Designing and Developing for the iPhone from Scratch
Did IE get the Box Model Right Video Download
Diving into the Twitter Search API
Dynamic Sprite Framework with PHP
Easily Implement a Live Search Effect
Firebug White to Black Belt
From PSD to HTML to WordPress
From PSD to WordPress
Generating a Particle System with javascript
Generating PDFs with PHP
Getting Started with Refinery A Rails CMS
How to Auto-Refresh your Browsers when Designing new Sites Video Download
How to Build a Beautiful Calendar Widget
How to Build a Custom jQuery Tabs Plugin
How to Build a Full-Featured Login System
How to Build a Gorgeous Watercolor Website
How to Build a Newspaper Website with a Grid
How to Code a Fun To-Do List With PHP and AJAX
How to Create a jQuery Code-Snippet Box
How to Create Blog Excerpts with PHP Video Download
How to Create the New Trendy jQuery Sliders
How to Design a Website with Fireworks
How to Wire-frame in Photoshop
Implementing HTML5 Drag and Drop
Improve your Sites Performance in 3 Easy Steps Video Download
Integrating PHP and jQuery
javascript Events From the Ground Up
Learn How to be a TextMate Champion
Paginate Anything With jQuery
PHP Exceptions
Profiling MySQL Queries with phpMyAdmin New Premium Tut
Pure CSS Reflections Video Download
Storing Data with JSON
Subtle CSS3 Typography that youd Swear was Made in Photoshop Video Download
The Best Way to Run Internet Explorer on your Mac Video Download
The Definitive Guide to Securing WordPress
The Firefly Effect
The Joy of FirePHP A Crash-Course
The Ultimate Guide for Learning Mootools
The Wonder of jQuery-Tools
This Will Change the Way you Code your CSS
Tumblr Theme Design Start to Finish
WordPress as a CMS
WordPress Beginner to Master, Parts 1-3
WordPress Beginner to Master, Parts 4-6
Working with Advanced 3D CSS
Working with MySQL and INNER JOIN Video Download
Your First Client Project

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http://hotfile.com/dl/68766315/a122a6c/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part08.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68768635/fbb84ee/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part09.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68768636/8c799ae/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part10.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68771019/9174e22/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part10.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68768637/d93a226/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part11.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68771017/0c47265/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part12.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68771018/7ffc413/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part13.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68771784/c834410/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part13.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68771757/7d84ded/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part14.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68771762/64aa2d8/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part15.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68771763/4829d4e/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part16.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68772380/96acb6c/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part17.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68772563/edaf3ac/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part18.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68773023/79a104f/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part19.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68774952/3cbe710/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part20.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68784083/e633cd7/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part21.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68784074/e306918/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part22.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68775673/2e0ef23/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part23.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68779191/c994a1f/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part24.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68779181/a3c167a/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part25.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68779185/5c9eab4/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part26.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68779180/c7df9a1/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part27.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68779182/e121eb3/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part28.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68779900/5f91173/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part29.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68780818/172de12/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part30.rar.h tml
http://hotfile.com/dl/68780817/5f7a547/Complete_TUTplus_Tutorials_Collection.part31.rar.h tml